May 2021 Meeting Minutes

Nokomis PTO Meeting minutes
May 13th, 2021
7-8 Outside

I. Welcome
Sign in/introductions: Meredyth Kramschuster (parent), Jessica Jones (parent),
Tabatha Barrett (parent), Kari Carlson (parent), Katie Mikesh (parent), Adrienne
Pierce(parent), Mary Voight (parent), Abby (principal) on the phone
The meeting was called to order at 7:07pm

II. Minutes
Review and approve minutes from the April meeting. Jessica moves to approve the
minutes. Tabatha seconds. Motion approved.

III. Treasurer’s Report
Taxes were filed 5/12/21-Kari
Just got a Box Tops check—but it hasn’t been deposited yet. Around $24.

IV. Committe Reports and old business
Communications/Outrearch :
Next steps on establishing a Nokomis South PTO Website
Adrienne looked at the WordPress option. Played around with the free version. After
looking it over, Adrienne and Mary feel good about WordPress—it is well supported and
user friendly. $48 for 1 year of hosting and about $20 for the domain. About $75 or
Motion to vote—Meredyth
All voted aye (no nay).
Adrienne and Mary are willing to work on it over the summer and have it up and running
for the fall.
Abby will look into which logo the PTO might be able to use for our new website.
Events: Any updates on Spirit Month
3 out of 4 weeks challenge videos are done. Housing the videos on the Nokomis South
PTO YouTube channel associated with the PTO gmail account. Some of the teachers
are sharing in class what kids have posted for the challenges.
Kari reports that kids are excited and it is gaining some momentum.
The Silent Auction was postponed. When is it appropriate to reschedule? May 25-27.
Meredyth has a flyer to send out on Friday 21st. Beth will send out a text on the morning
of May 25th.
Any other member updates: Teacher appreciation week (first week of May)-Kari did
a small assortment of food for teachers ($100 spent). We still have $100.00 we could
spend towards another gift at the end of the year. Any ideas or does anyone want to
champion this (Kari needs to step back from this for now). All staff=41. Only classroom
An organized campaign to invite families to write thank you notes? Or videos? Perhaps
kids can post photos or videos into the media folder into Schoology?
There will be a memorial service for Jerold on Saturday. Abby mentioned putting up a
picture in the entryway for now. And then creating a more permanent memorial (like a
peace bench outside) to be installed in the fall.
Officer positions up for vote-we didn’t put term limits in bylaws-we should discuss this.
We said we wanted to have two year terms, but we were so small when we
incorporated. Eventually we could change the bylaws to add two year term limits.
Currently, Meredyth is a co-chair, Cherie is co-chair (who doesn’t do PTO anymore),
Jenny is secretary, Kari is treasurer. Technically, that will come up in August. We can
invite people to become officers in September.
V. Teacher requests
Bubbles for Kindergarten graduation—approximately $45. E2 has requested flowers for
the 5th grade graduation (rose to each graduating 5th grader). Cost is approximately
$50. These things were budgeted as a part of the regular things we support.
VI. Upcoming Dates
May-spirit month-different activity each week
VII. Principal Updates
SCIP and school budget update
Overall SPPS enrollment is down. Nokomis South is stable. In a typical year, there
would be budget cuts, but there is federal and state money coming into the district as a
part of the federal covid relief package to make sure that we can run safely and to try to
provide additional academic support. Dollars will come into the district over the next 2-3
years. Nokomis South is designing a budget for the next year and making plans, but
knowing that the money won’t be permanent. Will fund all the same positions and
looking to bring back a music teacher. All elementary schools are getting a reading staff
person. Will have funds to fund a second reading position. Another additional position
would provide academic support for E2 (probably math support) as well as enrichment
projects (inquiry, gardening, environmental science, tech skills like typing or google
docs). These activities would be in addition to prep rotation. Teachers will have an
additional 100 minutes/week (beyond prep) to plan and collaborate. There will be 3 full
time EL teachers. ASD and SPED staffing will stay the same. Space will be the next
Abby is happy to share more details about the funding stream and bigger picture if
anyone wants more information.
These positions will require a teaching license.
At this point, administrators are advised to plan as if we are going to be in person in the
fall. We still don’t know what the safety protocols will be. Abby and team are trying to
build the very best plan possible and then be flexible as we know things can change.
SPPS is looking at offering virtual learning for elementary schools. That plan is still in
the works.
Next meeting: June 10th, 7-8 via same zoom link or outside
Wrap up year end information